Serving Our Church


Want to volunteer your time through leadership at our church? There are so many ways to get involved in FBCR’s ministries and strengthen your connections with other members.



Preschool Ministry
Our Preschool Ministry centers around wonderful adult volunteers who help us provide childcare and learning experiences for babies, toddlers and older preschoolers. We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with childcare during our weekly programs and divide times into shifts to accommodate your schedule so you can participate in your other church activities too! 


If you’re interested in helping out with our little ones and sharing the joy of God’s love in your life, contact Fran Walker today!




Children/Student Ministries
We’re always looking for adult volunteers for our Preschool, Children’s and Student Ministries. From leading a weekly program or organizing a community-wide student event, to coaching children’s sports camp or being a counselor on a weekend retreat, there are endless opportunities for you to serve and support our young people. For more information, contact one of the ministers or assistants on the right.




Adult Bible Fellowships
Bible Fellowships are at the core of our church’s vision, providing people of all ages a way to connect and learn together.  Bible Fellowship leaders help make this experience truly valuable and fun. To find out how to volunteer as a group leader for your peers or for children and teens, contact Dennis Parrot.


Whatever your skills, there’s a way for you to share them with our church community through intrachurch service. We’d love to help you find the perfect place to serve that fits your interests and FBCR’s volunteer needs. Contact Kelle Henson to learn more!