International Missions


FBCR members have participated in missions in Europe for more than a decade.  Through strategic partnerships with churches and Baptist seminaries, FBCR members work to share the love of Christ throughout Europe.





Blenheim Baptist (, located in the city of Leeds, is situated between two major universities and adjacent to the growing young professional community. The church is working to help students, faculty members and young professionals further develop their relationships with God.


Hope Baptist (, located in the city of Hebden Bridge, has been a destination for missionaries for more than 200 years. This small congregation has recently called a young minister and has embarked on many new approaches to continue to make the church relevant in its community. 


Baptist colleges in Great Britain have partnered with FBCR for more than a decade to provide a six-month internship experience in Texas for recent theological graduates. Our partners are Spurgeon’s College in London and Bristol Baptist College in Bristol. Under the mentoring of our pastor and ministerial staff, these new ministers touch all aspects of our church life.




Partnerships in Latvia, FBCR has been partnering with churches and missions organizations in Latvia for more than a decade. Since then, hundreds of our members have participated in Latvian mission trips to support a variety of ministry activities at the Latvian churches, including youth camps, worship conferences, English classes, Bible studies and construction projects.  Our partners include:


  • Vilandes Baptist Church, Riga, Latvia
  • Kuldiga Baptist Church, Kuldiga, Latvia
  • Latvia Baptist Union, Riga, Latvia
  • Jelgave Maximum Security Prison, Jelgave
  • Talsi Baptist Church, Talsi, Latvia
  • Pavils Baptist Church, Leipaja, Latvia
  • Buckner Center, Naval Port, Leipaja, Latvia



Buckner International– FBCR is working with Dallas-based Buckner International, an organization who helps at risk children and families, to support active efforts in the Haiti relief process. Learn more at


Mission - Haiti