Kids Hope

Kids Hope is our mentoring program at Northrich Elementary. Kids Hope is our anchor work at Northrich. It’s something we’ve been doing for almost ten years there and has changed scores of children’s lives. At Kids Hope, we’ll pair you with an elementary-aged student who needs some extra attention. You don’t need expertise in any field: just a willingness to sit across the table from a child and listen. We’ll train you with everything you need. You’ll meet weekly (Mondays) after school (3:00—4:00 pm) with your child.


With questions or to sign up for training, email our Kids Hope leader Lisa Rees (


Kids Beach Club

Kids Beach Club is a new initiative at Northrich Elementary that will enable us to meet with lots of new kids. It’s an after school (3:00—4:15 pm) club that will meet weekly (Thursdays) on the Northrich campus and teach kids the Bible, lead them in worship, and encourage them in their faith. This is a new initiative we’re launching that I’m so excited about, and we need 10-12 adults who are willing to pour into a small group of kids.

Interest Meetings:


With questions or to sign up for training, email our KBC leader Kathy Porter


Mentoring at North Junior High

The principal at Richardson North Junior High asked me to find some mentors for students who need some extra attention and guidance. We’ll take anybody, but he especially requested men to be involved. You’ll meet weekly (you choose the day) over your lunch break (12:00—1:00 pm) with a junior high student who needs some extra attention and encouragement.


With questions or to sign up for training, email our North Junior High leader Priscilla Orozco (