Rates and Registration



First Kids hold classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-2 PM, with optional extended care.


Our tuition is based on an annual fee, which is divided into nine equal monthly payments.  Partial monthly refunds are not given.  Annual tuition is divided equally so as to avoid confusion during months with more or fewer school days than a typical month.  Tuition is due on the first of each month and past due after the 10th. Open registration begins in February and continues throughout the year as space becomes available.  A written two-week notice is requested upon withdrawal.







Days Per Week


Monthly Tuition



  Infants 2 230.00 125.00/year
  Infants 3 345.00 125.00/year
  Toddler/Twos ( fridays only) 1 150.00 125.00/year
  Toddler/Twos 2 230.00 125.00/year
  Toddler/Twos 3 300.00 125.00/year
  Threes 2 230.00 125.00/year
  Threes 3 280.00 125.00/year
  Fours 2 230.00 125.00/year
  Fours 3 280.00 125.00/year
  Transitional Kindergarten  3 350.00 125.00/year


*Sibling discount of 10% per month on lowest tuition. Discount does not include
registration fees.

** Monthly tuition and registration are nonrefundable





Early / Late Care


2 Days


3 Days

  First Child 50.00 70.00
  Second Child





*Number of days attending school and Early/Late Care days must be the same.


Children are accepted at First Baptist Richardson without consideration of race, nationality or religious beliefs.  Children will be enrolled in First Kids Weekday Early Childhood Education program subject to limitations set forth by student-teacher ratios in each age group.





Teri Budde | Director

972.235.5296 X 189


Charlotte Leslie | Assistant Director

972.235.5296 X180