First Kids offers classes from babies through Transitional Kindergarten. All of our classes have two teachers per room which allows us to have a low student-to-teacher ratio.



The framework for our curriculum is the Weekday Early Education Curriculum, which focuses on concept areas including God, Jesus, the Bible, church family, self, others and the world.   Our goals are to help your child love learning, increase in knowledge and skills, and develop as God designed in all areas including spiritual, social, emotional, mental and physical. 


We supplement this excellent foundational material with creative ideas from other resources that support our philosophy.  We strive to bridge one age group to the next by using developmentally appropriate activities as a foundation.  We apply a learning center philosophy in our classrooms, which will allow children to explore and discover in a stimulating and safe environment. Choice is an important catalyst to learning.



The children’s current strengths and skills will serve as the starting point for new experiences and instruction.  Teachers will build on the children’s existing competencies as we provide a quality program that includes challenging but achievable activities and engages children in thinking, reasoning and communicating with others.  We place a great emphasis on children’s conceptual learning, acquisition of basic skills and participation in meaningful and relevant experiences.  Music, Spanish and computers are all offered to threes and fours as a part of their weekly activities.  Introduction to these areas of learning provide a foundation for preschoolers to build upon as they grow.



The opportunity for Christian influence through curriculum is dynamic when clear, simple Bible truths and stories are incorporated into what we do at each level.



Fusion Program



Music, Movement & Spanish?  We call it ‘Fusion’!!


Music and movement, obviously go hand in hand.  I know you are asking how Spanish fits into the mix.  We are using a Spanish curriculum that is set to some familiar tunes.  Fluency, pronunciation, and comprehension are reinforced by singing.  Studies clearly demonstrate that the optimal period in a child’s life for multilingual education, is during the preschool years.


We have joined music, movement and Spanish into one class—FUSION.  Our time together includes a variety of activities to introduce music and Spanish to the children, let them have fun and a chance to move their bodies.  We incorporate Bible stories, Bible songs and  prayer to reinforce Bible concepts as well as the importance of music in worship and praise to God.





Teri Budde | Director

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Charlotte Leslie | Assistant Director

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