Hymn Treasures Program


Hymns are a vital part of our worship.  They instill within us praise, doctrine, commitment, and hope.  Hymn Treasures is a program designed to enrich your child’s knowledge of hymns and to teach scripture and Biblical truths.  



Preschool and Kindergarten

Our Preschool and Kindergarteners will have a hymn introduced and sung each month as a part of choir.  They will not be required to sing the hymns individually from memory, but the last Sunday of each month we will celebrate the hymn of the month with a gathering of preschool and kindergarten choirs, where we will sing the hymn together.

2014-2015 Hymn Lists:

Preschool and Kindergarten


September  This Little Light of Mine

October  This is the Day

November  Praise Him, Praise Him

January  Standing on the Promises

February  O Be Careful Little Eyes

March  He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands




Our 1st through 6th graders will also be introduced to hymns in their choirs each month.  In addition, they will have the opportunity to participate in our hymn memorization incentive program.  Committing these hymns to memory early in life makes them a part of their minds and hearts for many years to come!



In order to receive credit for each hymn, a child may sing the required verse/verses of the hymn to one of their teachers before or after rehearsal during the month or anytime during the choir year.


All 1st through 6th graders who have memorized all required hymns will be recognized and receive an award at the end of the year.


2014-2015 Hymn Lists

Music Makers and Young Musicians:

September – Praise to the Lord the Almighty

October – All Things Bright and Beautiful

November/December – O Come, O Come Emmanuel

January – I Sing the Might Power of God

February – All Creatures of Our God and King

March – All Praise to Thee, My God




Vicki Schmidt | Worship Pastor for Children