LifeGroups are the vehicles for believers who want to connect with an authentic community. As these groups grow, life is shared together and the four-fold mission of our church (Connect | Learn | Worship | Serve) is manifested. Crossing age, gender, life stage, and cultural boundaries, these groups provide space for engaging God, His Word, each other, and our local communities. As the groups meet in homes and frequently share meals together, barriers are broken down as relationships encourage and sharpen each other. LifeGroup leaders facilitate the discovery and exercise of spiritual gifts, allowing the Spirit of God to breathe life into these bodies of Christ.





Acts 2:42 & Serving


Each LifeGroup will be living out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) as seen in the early Christian church. Specifically, in Acts 2:42, we see those early groupslearning from the word of God, growing with each other, sharing meals and lives, and worshiping God.  As LifeGroups live out the Great Commission, we see these groups serving each other and the church at large.