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Hey loved ones! We're back! Sorry about missing yesterday's post, but the internet was down at our hotel yesterday :(. Now it is fixed! Hooray!


Well, let me try to fill you in a little for each day!



We started Sunday by taking part of the church service here in Drobeta Turnu Severin. Casi, Kathy R., and Jennifer shared their testimonies, Casi and I (Mark) both led a few worship songs, and then I got to preach! God was truly working at the service as 5 people came to receive Christ that morning!!! It was SO awesome! We then went to lunch at our favorite lunch spot near the Danube River, had a little time for a quick nap, and then went to an evening service at a church service  plant at a village about 30 minutes away. There, Liz, Kathy L., and Jennifer gave their testimonies, Casi and I led a few worship songs, and then I got to preach again. God was really working at this service as 6 more people came to accept or rededicate their life to Jesus! What a humbling experience! We then came back into town, had dinner at our favorite pizza place, and then called it a night. Oh ya, this was the day that we got to move into AIR CONDITIONED rooms!!! This was the first time during our entire trip that we had AC. It has been unusually hot here, in Romania, so AC is a real treat!



Today was our rest day! And believe me, we needed it! We got to sleep in untill 10am, had breakfast, and then walked to a mall where we got to do a little shopping! We then had lunch and then walked to the ruins of a very old, medieval bridge that used to cross the Danube river. We then piled into our vans and drove to Orsova, a little community nestled up on the side of a hill just up the Danube. We walked around and enjoyed the sights, and then drove up to see an Orthodox monastery perched up on the side of the hill. It had an awesome view! We then returned to Drobeta Turnu Severin for dinner and are now back at the hotel, headed for bed.


So tomorrow, we will be headed to the church for a little worship (just our group and the church pastor), then we will be headed to another village to do a little street evangelism and hand out invitations for a service we will be doing the next day. It should be another fun adventure!


Prayer Requests:

1. Pray that we would have a sweet time in the morning during our little worship time.

2. Pray that we would have a fruitful afternoon in the village handing out invitations and talking to people in the streets.

3. (This is more of a praise, but God has really been growing our team together!!!) Continue to pray for this though!

4. Continue to pray that we are being an encouragement and a blessing to this young church here!


Well, thanks for all your prayers thus far! We love you all so much and are so blessed to have y'all supporting us!


Below, are some pictures from yesterday and today. They also have captions to tell you a little about them. Enjoy!

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