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Hey loved ones! Today, we got to have some down time to recover a bit from the busy days we have put in! We got to sleep in 'till 9, and then we went to the Peles castle. It was a bit of a drive, so we got back around dinner time. We had some good pizza and then returned to play some Legretto (a fun card game). Now, we are packing up and settling down for bed. We leave for Turnu Severin in the morning!


So since today was more of a rest day, we thought we would treat you to a few video clips shot earlier in the week. Also, you will find a few pictures from today at the bottom ;)


Prayer Requests


1. That we would have a safe drive to Turnu Severin tomorrow.

2. That Sam would get to join us soon.

3. That God would continue to grow our team closer together.

4. That God would begin to prepare us for our work in Turnu Severin.


Thanks for all your prayers thus far!!!!


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