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Hey loved ones! Well, we had another great day! I (Mark) spent my morning off of my ankle. I did not get much sleep last night, so I decided to stay at the hotel for the first half of the day. Sabin and our driver/translator Nicalus went to the pharmacie and got me a brace and some anti swelling creams. Around lunch time I was able to walk enough to rejoin the group. It is still pretty swollen, but it looks like it is just a bad sprain. I think I will be just fine!


So the rest of the group went up to the church around 9 to have some worship and then put on a VBS that we had invited people to earlier. There was a good turn out...close to 30 kids! Ryan told them a story from the bible, sang songs, made the witness bracelets, played the straw game, and were fed. It was a wondeful VBS.


We then all met up for lunch at that same restuarant near the Danube. It seems the chef there is well known. He even used to cook for the Romanian President and communist regime leaders. He is truly a wonderful chef! We headed back to the hotel for a little rest and then went back to the church to have the first ever chuch youth gathering! We had some awesome worship and then I got to give a lesson on relationships and sexual purity. It was a wondeful gathering!


Because we had such a big lunch, Sabin took us for a "surprise." The youth, the pastor, his family, and all of us went to this pizza place/bakery! We each had a little pizza and an awesome dessert! While we were eating outside on the patio, a large thunderstorm rolled through, so we all ran inside. This gave us even more time for fellowship as we talked and laughed with our dear Romanian brothers and sisters. They are so beautiful. They have really become family to us. It was as if we had known them all along.


Ok, so tomorrow I will be preaching at the church in the morning and then we will be headed out to one of the villages in the evening where I will be preaching again. So all that to say, be praying for me as give both sermons!


Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for our ministry tomorrow to the churches.

2. Continue to pray for our group as we draw closer together.

3. Continue to pray for our relationship with this beautiful church. Pray that we are encouraging and blessing them! I just had a fun idea. Let's make this blog a little interactive! Tell me if there are any questions you have or would like me to ask the pastor here, (his name is Aliyn) or any body else. Also, tell me if there is anything specific you would like me to take pictures of so that you can see! I want you guys to have the best possible idea of what it is like over here! So add a comment to this post or email me at Thanks!

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