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The girls woke up from an enthusiastic wakeup call from the boys who had woken up from an unintentionally early alarm (thanks Evan). After eating breakfast we had another meeting, but this time it was just the Americans and Toms. We were split into different teams of about three to five, then assigned different tasks. The tasks varied from finding and going to the grocery store to working on dances or songs that would be shown at camp. Sometime during the day we had lunch in there, but eventually we all completed our tasks as much as we could. We then ventured into Old Riga where we ate at Turk-E-Bob for dinner. On our way walking back to the church the group discovered we were able to fit twelve people into a single regulatory telephone booth. You can imagine the crowd we drew.  Afterwards we went back to Vilandes and got another restful night of sleep preparing for a great week at camp.

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