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We have Arrived !!! -- Ashley

Josh and I have made it to Latvia!

We are very pleased that you are supporting us, by praying for us and making and effort to keep up with us over the next seven weeks!

You may or may not know what we will be doing while here Latvia so I’ll tell you what we know, which happens to be very little as far as specifics and day to day activities go.  We are serving as “camp interns” at a camp facility for a series of six camps, a new one each week. So campers and their leaders and organizers will be coming to us to have their summer camps. We will have a few age groups, 8-13 and 13 and up from what we understand. But what we’ve come to learn about the Latvian culture is that details aren’t their top priority and passing on all the information to us is sometimes not even possible because they don’t even know. But that’s something Josh and I have been taking in stride, we are both pretty easy going people and we really want to be in Latvia and with the Latvian people so we are happy to just be flexible and follow their lead.


Josh and I are so excited to finally be here, it almost seems surreal that it actually happened, God is Great!


Please join us in these prayers:

Summer Mission Trip Summary

June 24 to August 8

Josh Moorman and Ashley Shipman are going as summer missionaries to Latvia for 7 weeks.  The will be working at the Eagle’s Wings Camp in Ērgļi,Latvia.  These summer missionaries will help lead youth camps, evangelize and disciple local youth, and take care of camp including help tend 400 sheep.


July 17 to July 28

A group of 16 FBCR High Schoolers will travel to Latvia as short term missionaries.  They will do street evangilism through music and serve the poor in Riga, visit a prison, and then help lead a youth camp for 100 Latvian youth at Eagles Wings Camp.