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We woke up on Sunday in our soaked tents and went to our daily meeting and breakfast, then headed to worship. After worship, we had our last morning discussion of the camp which was pretty sad. Then we ate lunch and got ready for our last extreme event of the camp, Extreme Monopoly. This game consisted of rolling a big dice and moving our mascot around a huge board and each space on the board had a mini game or task that we had to complete for points. We got to roll around in mud, climb the rock wall, and even find a santimu (coin) in the bottom of a pot full of mixed eggs and milk, gross, I know. After the game, we all showered up in the lake and went to dinner. After dinner, we went to our final worship service. Before the discussion, the Amercians got to preform the skit that we had been working on for the campers. The campers really took this seriously and a lot of them told us that they really like it. Karlis spoke and talked about the events that happened during the past week. He invited people to share the decisions they made and we all prayed over people for about an hour while we worshiped with music. We then split for our very last evening group discussion which was really sad because we had to say goodbye to some of our new friends.

After all the sadness, we gathered back in the tent to find out which group won the grand prize! The Blue Banzukes group won and got the prize of sitting in the sauna and having unlimited food, which was pretty neat! But while they were enjoying their prize, the rest of the camp got to have a crazy dance party full of "fist-pumping" music and glow sticks! That was hilarious and very tiring. At about 12:30, we headed to our tents to rest up and get ready for our departure from camp.

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