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Everybody woke up sad this morning, because nobody wanted to leave camp! We got up and helped all the campers pack up their tents and get ready to head back to Vilandes for church. We got on the 50 person bus with about 65 people, which was a little interesting, and headed on the three hour drive back home. We arrived at church and the Americans did our skit for the service and hopefully the Latvians in the church liked it. After church ended, we all moved back into our designated rooms in the church and said bye to all our campers for good, it was really sad.

All the Amercians gathered in the meeting room and made the decision of going to lunch, AT MCDONALDS!!! Everybody went crazy when we got there, people were actually running to the doors and pushing people to be first in line, it was a sight to see. After we ate, we all went around Old Riga and did some sight seeing and shopping. We got back to the church and got ready to go to dinner. We went to Lido, which is a very popular restaurant in Latvia, think of Luby's, but Latvian style. After dinner we hung around the town and watched some live music and had some coffee. When we got back to the church at around 11, we had a meeting in the church and talked about our amazing week at camp. We were all tired but the meeting went well, especially when Gayle told us that we actually got to sleep in and enjoy a free day in Riga in the morning!

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