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We woke up and all of the Americans and Latvians met to have our daily meeting and prayer before the day began. We woke the campers up by bringing them all together and Gable, Chandler, and Dibrell led some funny aerobics consisting of weird dance moves. After our “work out”, we had breakfast and headed to worship. Worship was full of fun songs and dancing, an amazing speech, and some fun games/challenges. The challenges usually consisted of the Americans playing tricks on the Latvians, they were all very entertaining, or some challenge of endurance. Today the challenge was to hold a piece of paper at arms length for as long as you can.  Tori won the contest by doing it for 30 minutes.  Go ahead try it for yourself. Also the loser of the challenge had to go jump in the lake.  After worship, we split up in our small groups and had our daily morning discussion time. Between small groups and lunch, a Latvian leader brought everybody together and made us do this weird clappy thing, They called it body music where we just made a cool beat until the lunch bell rang.

After lunch, it was “Extreme” game time! We got in our teams and had to play a crazy water balloon game. Two people would guard our team's target, and the rest of the team would go through the forest to find other targets to throw water balloons at. It took a lot of water balloons to remove fours layers of toilet paper from a target to reveal the secret code. After four hours of playing in the heat, we all got to have freetime where we got to swim in the lake, complete the ropes course, and ride the zipline, which was totally awesome! After the fun day, we had dinner and went to worship, where we sang and listened to a great speech by Karlis. After, we broke up into our small groups for our night discussion time. Then, it was time for our "Extreme" night game! It's hard to explain this, but trust me, this game was INTENSE! We were told to follow glow sticks that had been placed all over the camp site, in the forest, hills, and around the lake. Not only was it pitch black, but our teams were all tied together by the hand!! A bunch of people got tired of looking so they decided to give up because the game was so extreme, but three of the eight teams ended the game by finding Tabita deep in the forest.

At about 1am, the Americans met for our meeting to talk about the day. We talked about our campers, groups, and the games. We got into a pretty good discussion about all this stuff and things got pretty intense, but it was really good to talk about all that had happened. Finally, at about 2:30, we all headed to our tents to go to sleep and get ready for our big "extreme" day in the morning. 

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