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We woke up to another burning hot morning in the tents, with the sun shining in our face. We had our morning meeting and prayer with the Latvian leaders, and headed to wake up the campers, then we went to the tent for Josh and David to do some of their own aerobics, with their pants pulled up above their bellybottons, which was a very interesting sight. After that craziness, we headed to a delicious breakfast of grits and jam. Then we went to worship, and after that, we split up and talked more with our groups of campers and got to know them better. After we ate our lunch, it was time for the most extreme event of the camp! We were told to find two longs that were two meters long and make our own three meter rope out of anything we could find in the forest! After we found and made our supplies, we had to carry our equipment and find Toms and Tabita at a river. They then told us to carry our supplies across the freezing water, and we also had to keep two of our group mates completely dry, meaning we had to carry them over our heads across the water!! Tabita then give us a bag of empty bottles and tape and told to go back across the river and back to the camp site to start building a raft! We had to swim our rafts across the lake, which was so crazy but so much fun! All the campers really enjoyed it.

After our game, we ate dinner and got ready for worship. Ulvis spoke at the worship, and put over half of the camp to tears. He was very passionate in his speaking and it was obvious that God was truly working in these youths' lives. As worship was winding down, it began to rain and the discussion times were very difficult to have when we were all cramed in one big tent trying to avoid getting wet, so a few Latvians grabbed their guitars and we had a 4 hour worship service. This night was most of our favorite nights because people were singing and praying and crying to the Lord, and it was very moving and inspirational. It finally stopped raining at about midnight and all the Americans gathered to have our meeting, which went perfectly, until we realized the flying glowsticks outside our window! We ended our meeting just in time to walk out the door and see Valters, Ulvis, and Kristaps putting on a light show with the glowsticks, which was one of the funniest things of the day. After playing with the glowsticks, we all headed to our nice wet tents to get a good sleep and get ready for our last full day of camp!

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