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Journey to Kericho

After a long 2 day journey we are here and loving Kenya! So sorry it has taken so long for us to write, but between our busy schedule and lack of internet there was no way to! We arrived around ten on Saturday night and headed to a local hotel to rest for the night.

Sleep was brief and difficult due to Jetlag, but we were thrown into our internship on Sunday morning! Erick, the ALRAM employee we are interns for, met us in Nairobi to pick us up and off to Kericho we went. It was a five hour drive of beautiful rolling hills and valleys, covered in green from head to toe.  A quick stop at a Great Rift Valley view point left us breathless as we stared upon the creation of the Lord.  We arrived in Kericho Sunday night, stopping at the market for food and such, and quickly Laura and I noticed how people were reacting to the color of our skin.

Monday was spent reviewing our curriculum with Erick and a local pastor who has coordinated our time in Kericho. Finally ideas that were for so long stretched across oceans were in one room, and leaps and bounds in our plan for this mission trip were made. Tuesday morning our busy trip began!

Praise be to God!!

God has heard all of our prayers and answered them!  We spent time today sharing our testimonies with almost 1500 students and we have seen many come to Christ.

Praise god for what he is doing here in Kericho! This is amazing to see!  I wish everyone could see what we have seen!

Pray for our health as we get used to a new place and new food.  Please pray for strength and courage to stand firm in the face any adversity.  Pray that we will not be discouraged in any way from doing God’s will.

Thank you so much for your prayers, they have been felt.  We love you all very, very much.

First Day of Ministry

Today is our first official day of ministry.  We will be at an orphanage for children with AIDS.   Please pray for these children.  Pray also for us as we minister to them. 


We love you guys.



Post is derived from a Text Message from Sam.




Sam, Karen, and Laura have arrived safely in Niarobi.


The group of three departing DFW on Friday.  It was a very emotional and powerful moment for all of us as we prayed over them and sent them on their way.  May God Bless every moment of their journey.


Departure From DFW



Summer Mission Trip Summary

Africa Summer Missionaries – May 28th to Jul 17th

Sam Musabyimana, Karen Henson, and Laura Wainright have embarked on their summer missionary journey to Kenya.They will be working with our partner, the African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM), working with children and youth in several different regions of Kenya.  They will be working directly with regional youth leadership at local churches to build relationships and help evangelize and develop local outreach. At the end of their time in Kenya, they will meet up with our adult mission trip team to help lead a youth leadership conference and a youth camp.


Sam, Karen, and Laura will be in Kenya for 7 weeks. 


The first 4 weeks will be in we will be spending our time at Kenya Highlands Bible Collage and the surrounding City of Kericho.  They will holding workshops on Christian Leadership and how to lead a Christian life.  They will spend time ministering in orphanages.  They will particiapte in youth events at High Schools and Clubs to build relationships and share the love of Christ.


They will then spend a week ministering in the slums around the capital city of Niarobi.  They will love on the youth and kids through games, drama, and music.  They will build relationships and share Christ with those who they encounter.