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      Today we went to a small village called Awasi to visit the Bondo Youth Group. At first we thought that the Bondo youth group was similar to our youth group but when we got there we realized that it was something totally different. The Bondo youth group is a group of youth (young adult) who work together to support themselves using various income generating projects. There are fifteen members of the group and most of them are newly married and are looking to have home and start a family. They have a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer; they also work with local official to help them with their projects.

Alarm started working with them about two years ago and has been encouraging them and supporting them in their endeavors. They currently have two IGP’s (Income generating Projects). They have a rapidly growing Poultry project which provides their main income.

Poultry keeping is a stable business to get into because poultry is in such high demand. They started with a few hens then once the hens produced chicks they then give the hens to the next group member and then continue the process until everyone has a hen and about ten to twenty chicks. They are looking to expand that project form just local business to a commercial business. Whit a Commercial business they would need money for housing and for the purchase of the Hybrid chicks. The business would be self sustaining but it is the initial cost that they would need help with.  The other project is Dairy keeping. Through ALARM they received a heifer and she calved about a month ago. Demand for milk is also high in this region so they sell the extra milk for profit. Like the chickens the cows will also be rotated amongst the group. Once the calf grows it will be given to the next member. Most of the group are in their early twenties and are unemployed, so they need each other to sustain themselves. They were so excited to see us and were so encouraged by our visit. We have had such an awesome experience going and visiting groups and getting to hear their stories. Even though we had no part forming the group or helping sustain it, all the members were very glad to see us and hear from us. It is the love of Christ that keeps them going, and they want to share that with everyone they meet. Its interesting to be loved and welcomed by people whom you have never met before. We are committed to pray for their well being, their health, and their Projects. We know that our God is the great provider and he will always be faithful to us even when we are not faithful to him. I ask that you join us in prayer for the Bondo group. They work very hard and they praise God for all he has given. They need prayer over Both IGP’s and for their health. Thank you for your prayers and I hope to be with you soon Until then, continue praying for us we continue His good work, and I encourage you to meet someone new and share the gospel. There is no greater reward that the joy that comes with sharing Love to others.

Thank you and Have a blessed day!

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