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God Talks inspires you with life situations some of our church members have faced. We invite you to hear their stories and how they experienced God in their darkest days.


This adult CONNECT class is designed for you to connect with others in our church in a relaxed setting, whether you just started attending FBCR or have been around here for 20 years! The topics are relatable and relevant. It's not an in-depth Bible Fellowship curriculum; it's people willing to share some powerful stories with you!


Sunday Mornings

Begins October 5

9:15am AND 10:50am

First Floor C Building Room C140


Topics and Speakers:



God Can Protect My Child, But Will He?

October 5

Vicki Schmidt


Why A Theology of Sex Matters

October 12

Jenna Mountain


Parenting - By The Grace of God

October 19

Blake & Kathy Lewis


A Lesson in Mercy

October 26

Ray Smith  


My Addiction: The Greatest Gift I Have Been Given

November 2

Todd Moulton  


Our Real Life Soap Opera

November 9

Kevin & Samantha Jolicouer


The Black White Foster Adopted Christian Kid

November 16

Cody Beavers





Elisa Tiffee | Pastor for Families

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